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As a success coach, I help individuals excel professionally and personally. Having worked in a wide range of high-pressure corporate jobs, I’ve learned that assertive communication in the workplace holds many people back from creating fulfilling careers. And so I created my immensely popular career success coaching programme on communication techniques that helps you discover your true brilliance, at work and in personal relationships.


Are you ready to create the career & life you really want? Tired of being taken for granted and not getting the recognition and respect at work and in your personal relationships that you deserve? Would you like to learn exclusive strategies for becoming more assertive, speaking your mind, not getting bullied, handling difficult colleagues and progressing in your career? I can help.
In my assertive communication strategy session (2 hours personal coaching session – face to face or via skype), you will learn a wide range of techniques and strategies to help you become a valued member of your team. Below are some areas I can help you in:
• How to be taken seriously by your colleagues, boss and social network
• How to say ‘No’ without creating enemies
• How to speak up in meetings, get others to listen to your ideas and ask for what you want (including how/when to ask for a pay rise/promotion)
• How to handle office politics and toxic colleagues
• How to toot your own horn so that others don’t take credit for your hard work.
• How to handle criticism/negative feedback aimed at you
• How to give others negative feedback without burning bridges.
• How to apologise without appearing weak.
• How to respond to workplace bullies, insults, gossip and other negative behaviours.

In addition to assertive communication, other coaching areas include:
*Work-Life Balance * Time Management * Taming the inner critic * Goal Setting *Becoming more confident & building self-esteem *Stepping outside your comfort zone

All my sessions are tailored to suit your specific needs & aspirations. That’s why I offer a free, no-obligation DISCOVERY SESSION call (on the phone) to gain clarity on the issue you are currently struggling with. In this call, I get to know you a little better, explain how my coaching works and also explain my different coaching options, ranging from most basic to my exclusive empowerment programme. At the end of the Discovery Session call, you are under no obligation to enrol for the coaching. The choice is completely yours.
If you’ve never worked with a Success Coach before, why not start now? It’ll open up a whole new way of thinking & behaving. To book your free DISCOVERY SESSION, drop me a line at and in the subject line, please write: ‘Discovery Session’.
Looking forward to seeing you flourish in your career and personal life

Please note: I coach my interstate/overseas clients via Skype or WhatsApp video calls.

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