About Nim

Nim Gholkar, author of the bestselling ‘Diary of an Immigrant Bride’ is an international keynote speaker and author based in Sydney, Australia.

An immigrant bride herself, she has combined her own insights into persuasive communication learned from her ‘arranged marriage’ of 22 years with her extensive experience in sales and business and come up with her immensely popular & humorous signature talk: ‘Professional Success through the Art of Persuasion.’  While this is Nim’s signature topic, she also speaks on several other topics which are hugely popular with her audiences worldwide.

Nim is a leading authority on personal motivation and an expert in the art of communication and persuasion. She’s also the founder of ‘Blank Page Ninja Publishing’ where she mentors business owners and professionals in writing books on their areas of expertise.

Nim travels extensively as a speaker and business coach, with appearances across Australia, India, Dubai, Egypt, Thailand and the US. Her talks and workshops are tailor made for the event and can span from half hour to all day sessions.

Her second book, based on personal development, is due to be launched soon and she’s currently working on her third book (fiction).

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