Nim Gholkar’s expertise lies in ‘Business Storytelling’. She has combined her fiction-writing skills with an extensive sales background and come up with a unique blueprint that teaches the art of storytelling in business and sales.

Nim is the Founder of Blank Page Ninja, a business that helps service-based business owners, coaches, consultants, speakers and professionals write their business books and thereby become recognised as authorities in their niche. Blank Page Ninja also offers start-to-finish publishing packages to help you get from ‘book idea’ to ‘Published Author’.

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Back in the old days, writing a book was on the bucket list of many but most people went through life failing to realise this dream. Publishing houses could only release so many books a year, which meant thousands of books that had the potential to educate and entertain never saw the light of day. Today, the publishing scene has changed. The emergence of ebooks and the self-publishing route has made it easy and painless for aspiring writers to get their stories out in their own time.

A book is the new business card… the ideal way to stand out from the crowd and instantly position yourself as the expert in your niche. Being a published author changes how people perceive you. You are viewed as the expert and your credibility and marketability increases exponentially.

Imagine going to a networking event and saying “Here’s my book” instead of the usual “here’s my business card”. If you only have an ebook version, you can always offer to email a copy. A book is one of the most lucrative marketing tools in the modern world. In a landscape where everyone is scrambling for a place in the sun, the best way to get noticed is to have something most others don’t. Your name on the cover of a book!

“But everyone says they have a book in them”, you might wonder. Is it worth all that effort to write a book when practically everyone you meet is eager to do the same? Yes! Yes! and Yes! Because while most people may ‘think’ they have a book in them, very few will actually take concrete steps to pursue that goal. Writing is a matter of discipline and strategy. If you are willing to dream big and follow it up with small, consistent, incremental actions, you’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of your competition.

While you will still need to do the hard yards in taking your career or business ahead, a book in hand can be a quick-win marketing tool. It’ll gradually help you get more speaking opportunities (most organisers are happy to invite a published author-speaker to their events), increase your client base (you get viewed as the go-to subject matter expert) and fast-track your brand visibility.

So, if you’ve never considered writing a book to take your business forward, NOW is the time to do what your competition is only dreaming of.